Artwork Guidelines: Notepads

Designing your own artwork before you upload to The UPS Store is recommended for design professionals, or those very comfortable with graphics and software applications. Some base techincal knowledge of using these templates, and saving your artwork in the best format is required for the highest quality print.

*Below you'll find helpful tips that explain the bleed, trim and safe area, as well as common mistakes and how to avoid them.

Bleed, Safe & Trim Explained:

Text & Safe Area

Tip #1

Make sure that all of your text and artwork is located inside of the safe area. Otherwise it will get cut off during final production.

*Good: All text is inside the safe Area

*Bad: Important information is in danger. It will be cut when the final product is trimmed.

Background & Bleed Area

Tip #2

Make sure that your image and or background is full bleed. Otherwise your cards will have white edges.

*Good: The artwork extends to the bleed area.

*Bad: The artwork will get trimmed and leave an awkward white line on the final product.

Your Artwork Example

Tip #3

Make sure that your design is the right size and fits within all of the template areas.

*Good: Your final design fits within the bleed, safe and trim areas.

*Bad: Your design is smaller than the actual card dimensions.

Artwork Clarity & Resolution

Tip #4

If your design looks pixelated or fuzzy on screen you need to get a higher resolution image.

*Good: Your final design is 300dpi, all text and artwork has been flattened.

*Bad: Your artwork is pixelated and fuzzy and you get a low-resolution warning.